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About Morjim Beach

About Morjim Beach

Morjim village is located on the northermost point of Goa in the peaceful taluka of Goa. It’s famous for the Morjim Beach. There is large population of Russians staying here. As a result the village is also known as «Little Russia». Also Russian language is commonly spoken in this village

Morjim Beach, North Goa

Morjim beach from Morjim Hermiatge

The Morjim beach is famous as nesting place for the Olive Ridley Turtle. This is an endangered species of turtles and is provided the highest degree of protection by the Indian law. There was a time when the eggs of the turtles were poached by the local fisherman. The efforts of the local environmentalists and local villagers ahs made these same fisherman fiercely protective of the eggs.

Location of the Morjim Beach

The beach is located on north side of the mouth of the river Chapora. It is a very isolated beach in the village of Morjim in Pernem Taluka. It is a part of the Arabian sea and is surrounded by lush green hills typical of the Konkan Region.

Name and Mythology behind the Name Morjim

The name Morjim as most suggest is the name of the Goddess “Morzai”. Some believe that the Goddess came from the beach and was discovered by the fisherman or “morjey”. While other mythological legends suggest that the Goddess came on a peacock or “mhor” in Konkani and hence the name Morjim for the beach and village.

Also another belief states that the half a century ago a part of Morjim was submerged in the sea. A blessed person named Satpurush saved the natural surroundings of Morjim waters and converted it into land. If one digs the sand on the beach for even two meters he will still find the sand. To show respect to the blessed man a temple dedicated to him is built in the village

About Morjim BeachBeauty of the Morjim beach

Morjim beach is a nature lovers delight. Apart from the Olive Ridley turtles a variety of birds like Sand Plover, Bay-backed Shrike, Quill, Turnstones, Cuckoo, Kingfisher, Sandpipers, Gulls, Brown-headed, Black-headed and Slender-billed Gulls along with Crested Terns, Sea Eagle, Osprey can be seen. Dolphin sighting trips are offered by local Fisherman of Morjim. If one takes a view of the beach from the famous Chapora Fort he will see vast stretch of silvery sand and green palms in the surroundings.

The transparent water is a swimmers delight and the water is also peaceful. Such is the versatility of the beach, many tourist, especially Russians have made the beach a permanent holiday destination. Russian language is commonly spoken in Morjim and most of the shacks offer a wide variety of Russian cuisine

If you are travelling to Goa then see to it that you visit the Morjim Beach. Morjim beach hermitage is always there to serve you.

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