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Hotel Mumbai

Hotel Mumbai

Hotel Mumbai (2018) download

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Hotel Mumbai


Action / Drama / History / Thriller

77% TOMATOMETER · 218 reviews
88% AUDIENCE · 1K ratings
7.6 /10 10 69358 · 69.4K

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Hotel Mumbai (2018) download

Hotel Mumbai (2018) download

Hotel Mumbai (2018) download

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Plot summary

Mumbai, India, November 26, 2008. While several terrorists spread hatred and death through the city, others attack the Taj Mahal Palace Hotel. Both hotel staff and guests risk their lives, making unthinkable sacrifices to protect themselves and keep everyone safe while help arrives.

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June 10, 2019 at 05:49 PM


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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by Michael Fargo 4 / 10

When is it too soon to exploit a recent tragedy?

Throughout my life I’ve always been bothered by films—particularly fictional—that use historical events, like the Holocaust—to prop up an entertainment and not earning or giving the respect due to living survivors. «Hotel Mumbai» is a good demonstration of why it bothers me. The incident has been the subject of many documentaries that keep their distance from exploiting the sensationalism of seeing innocent people slaughtered in a mass murder. This film jumps right into the horror of the situation and never looks away at the terror and mayhem.

It’s a combination of the 1970’s disaster films like «Towering Inferno» gathering an all star cast in the «Grand Hotel» model, and then setting it aflame and blowing it up, all the while murdering people nonstop between the more traditional disaster film explosions.

Even if you can resolve the moral dilemma this raises for the viewer: Getting a thrill at the cost of reconstructing a live terrorist attack, we’re both invited to marvel at the luxury of one of the most famous hotel in the World and then have to witness the guests and staff summarily slaughtered. I’m not an opponent of explicit screen violence. I do mind watching «what it was like» for the victims of this massacre for no other reason than being a voyeur..

There’s an attempt to weave a narrative thread that intersect or «hook» us emotionally into identifying with certain members of the cast. But it all unfolds so quickly we don’t time to really gain an attachment to the «characters» we’re given. The film wastes no time into getting down to what we’re there to see, tacking on the devotion of the staff to their rich clientele, in a self-sacrificing manner that raises the point the terrorists are there to make. It’s a very mixed bag of compromised values and motives that in there repetition give the viewer time to ask why you bought a ticket and is this something that is edifying or exploitive.

The filmmaking itself is mainly set in a soundstage in what we know is actually a famous spatial paradise that the soundstage can’t recreate. So we feel boxed in and claustrophobic, but we also can’t ever get our bearings on where we are or what’s happening where. The use of the actual dialogue between the terrorists and there handlers is chilling. And raises, unintentional sympathy for the perpetrators because they’re brain-washed and naïve, being promised payments to their impoverished families for their self-sacrifice. If this was done purposefully, I question whether or not the survivors from the incident would find much solace.

Despite the effort to make this a «nail-biting thriller,» anyone even cursory familiar with the incident knows the outcome, and due to the repetitiousness of the killing, my interest flagged several times and I found myself looking at my watch. I suppose I was waiting for the filmmakers to give us a reason they did this project other than to market a recent, actual tragedy and turn it into an action movie.

Reviewed by Waedliman 2 / 10

Just violent

While watching, I quickly got the feeling that this is less about a reappraisal of a true story than an orgy of violence. Add to that the tacky story with the American couple and the baby, and the typical Hollywood story was finished. Instead of dealing with the background of the crime, the film is almost exclusively dedicated to the situation in the hotel with many shootings. And that just gets on my nerves.

Reviewed by gurvirgrewal-60520 1 / 10

Cultural Differences

After watching the movie yes it keeps you on the edge of you seat. But the director and producer did not take into consideration that the terrorist that were casted to play the role are show as Islamic Terrorist but yet they are not even speaking Arabic.

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